Should you Feed Wet or Dry Food to your Dog?

New dog owners are often confused about what kind of food they should serve to their dogs. Whether it should be wet good or dry is food they keep getting confused about. Let us take a look at what is good and what is not so good about either type of the dog food.

Let us start with dry dog food. It is the most commonly used food for dog and there are reasons behind the same. To begin with, it is much cheaper compared to wet food and dry dog food from reputed brands such as always offer dog food products that are rich in nutrients, something very important for every dog. Charity for Dogs offers on its website very high quality and grain-free dry dog food. They also donate 50% per pack sold to a nonprofit organization called Tiertafel Deutschland! People can log on to to know more about this nonprofit organization. One of the other advantages of using dry dog food is that they are crunchy and hard, which is important of scraping tartar and plaque from teeth and gums of your dog.

Dry food also becomes very relevant in the situations when dogs leave the food in their bowl after getting full; the same food can be reused again in the next meal. Alternatively you can also consider leaving a bowl of dry dog food all day and your dog can eat from it whenever he feels like. If you keep such food items in an airtight condition, then the need to refrigerate these dry foods also doesn’t arise. At times, these dry foods are very tasteless and the dogs do get bored eating the same stuff again and again but brands such as Charity for Dogs do offer tasty food items with a lot of variety.

Wet food, on the other hand, is usually tasty and very appealing to the dogs. That being said, these wet food items are usually very costly and they contain a lot of water. This means that you get less of food and more of water even when you pay more. If you open a can of wet food, it can’t be kept outside without refrigerating; more importantly it won’t remain fresh after a week or so. Of course, you might see your dog enjoy the wet food more than the dry food but when it comes to quality, dry food for dogs are very important.

We guess the best thing to do here would be to make a balance between wet and dry food but make sure there is more dry food and less of wet food in the daily meal. The best combination would be two third of dry food and one third of wet food in daily meal courses. This strategy gives you almost everything you want including nutrient rich, dentally beneficial, tasty and cheap dog food. Many ignorant dog owners also make the mistake of feeding their dogs off the floor, something they should never do. Always serve food to your dog in a clean bowl.

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