What Type of Dog Food is the Best for Pit Bulls?

Pit Bulls are rare and they are huge. If you have one of these dogs at your home, it is a big responsibility on your part to take care of his diet, which is very different from other dogs. They are usually high on energy and their big size always demands more food. The puppy Pit Bulls are usually more susceptible to different diseases and should always be fed with high quality food from trusted names like charityfordogs Charity for Dogs offers on its website very high quality and grain-free dry dog food. They also donate 50% per pack sold to a nonprofit organization called Tiertafel Deutschland! To know more about the nonprofit organization you can log on to charityfordogs.de

Most of the good vets recommend giving dry kibble or raw diet to Pit Bull puppies but wet food can also be given as an alternative but not regularly. Wet food sometimes don’t suit puppy Pit Bulls and they suffer from teeth damage. Above all it is important to make sure whatever they eat is rich in protein as it is the most vital nutrient every Pit Bull puppy needs. On the other hand, if you have brought in an adult Pit Bull home the best thing to do would be to check with a vet about its daily diet. The type of food that you offer also depends on the kind of breed you own. An average Pit Bull should eat at least 25 ounce of well balanced meat on a monthly basis.

Let us take a look at different food options that you can serve to your Pit Bull.

  • Dry Dog Food: This is the most economical and cheapest food that you can serve. There also are premium dry foods that may not be very cheap but more importantly you should go for a trusted brand. Premium dry foods may include bison or duck meat. There are many brands to choose from, but it is recommended to go with a popular name like Charity for Dogs.

  • Look At This Wet Dog Food: This is a food made of water and meat and is often very high in terms of sugar level. You should not keep feeding this type of food very regularly as it would result in increased sugar level in the body of your Pit Bull.

  • click over here now Canned Food: This is probably one of the safest options to go for and they are also widely available. There are many brands and different products to choose from.

Let us go back to our original question about which type of food is best for your Pit Bull. Experts and reviews from many dog owners strongly suggest that it is the raw or dry dog food that is most recommended for your Pit Bull. Raw food items usually include lean red meat, raw eggs, raw turkey, raw chicken, raw beef etc. These kinds of food items help in building a better digestive health and healthier skin. No matter what kind of diet you finally choose, it is highly recommended to check with a local vet before you plan a diet for your Pit Bull.


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